Brandon – Makeup

When Brandon first came into the indie scene with “Fallen,” he exposed a love story that drifted with breezy acoustic lines and airy falsetto over light tambourines and kickdrums, a type of love that seems to eternalise under the perennial California sunshine. But since his 2018 debut, Brandon’s intermittent releases have hinted at the transience of blissful moments that he often luxuriates in through his music.

Honeyed vocals and acoustic guitar lead us through a narrative of longing and nostalgia as the Riverside, California native comes clean in his latest track, “Makeup”. “Makeup” finds Brandon attempting to mend his wrongs, missing what he used to have with a former love: “You know I still want you / I’m showing my heart too / Still I should’ve treated you better (you know I still love you.)” He hyperbolises his feelings of loss (“Without you I’m bleedin'”) alongside remembering moments of simplicity (“I miss you wearing all my sweatshirts.”) “Makeup”, like Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part”, finds light in a significant other, revelling in the mundane as much as the grandiose moments of love.

Brandon’s full discography plays out this way, songs written, recorded, and produced by him in its entirety. It’s a way of externalising and coping with intimate feelings, which for Brandon are first written in letters on his Twitter. Upon releasing “Makeup”, Brandon wrote:

That feeling of knowing that there is nothing you can do to make up for your mistakes regardless of what you try or do is agonizing. It’s been hard for me, but I guess these are just the growing pains of life, and for some reason I always tend to learn the hard way.

It’s a sweet little track from the Riverside artist, and would make for a fluent EP alongside his past three singles. What’s next to come from Brandon is unknown, as an artist who bears a secrecy in a Frank Ocean fashion. But all we know is that he’s got music in the works. Stay tuned via his Twitter.

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