Sebastian Roca – You

From his visuals to his music, Sebastian Roca keeps a lo-fi charm. His guitar lines are clouded with reverb, his images a gradient blur. Parkview Demos is his debut 2018 EP — a set of laidback lo-fi tracks tainted with surfer rock nonchalance, and its title a homage to the Sydney apartment building where he wrote, recorded, and produced the EP. 

The single, “You”, in which its instant success catalysed the release of Parkview Demos, sets one side of the EP’s narrative between love and loneliness. “You” indulges in the quiet moments in the sun and the warmth of having someone else. The fuzzy guitar lines reveal the nature of the recording process in which he ‘bought [himself] the cheapest interface [he] could get his hands on,’ while his lyricism marks Roca’s attempt to confront personal insecurities and ‘expose these truths to both [himself] and others.’ 

Roca is charming and solemn with his husky vocal delivery as he narrates his yearning for someone: “Cause all I needed was you / All I want is you.” The dreaminess of the record is enough to make it feel like a love song, but he sneaks in one line to remind us of the EP’s conflicting side of loneliness: “I feel empty inside and then I realised there’s no time for me.” It’s a meditative midpoint to the EP as it meanders between two emotions. In the end, Roca captures his musical intentions, exposing the way in which we mask bleak emotions with moments of bliss.

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